Gueff – geo game (different from live)

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Some time ago I played an online game called GeoGuessr. I liked the concept so much that I made my own version of it. I just wanted to use own built coloVR-platform for it. Also I did not want to use Google API’s as their pricing has gone up significantly. So, I used iStreetview to grab some Google Streetview images around the world. As far as I understood Google’s T’s&C’s this is perfectly OK as long as the images are attributed to Google.

I just had finished a geo-game for a client and realised that I could modify that base for this project too. This is a very simplified version though. This doesn’t save game progress state at all at the moment. If you reload the page it will start from the beginning.

First, I wanted to call this thing “Geoff” as it has word GEO in it. Then a word GUEFF popped into mind. It has word GEOFF and GUESS combined so OK that’s it 🙂

No idea why (probably influenced by coloVR logo), but I wanted to have hexagonal buttons. I’ve never seen them used and thought what the heck, this is my own project. Not 100% happy with them still and I might use different technique for them later on. Something simpler would be nice. Also UI is overly simple too as there’s not much content. I tested the gameplay with friends and they’ve been complaining that the game flow is not very clear so I am still calling this BETA and will work on “user happiness” more.



Still a BETA and needs more games (images) but here it is:
coloVR° | Play

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