The Best Of EL SAMPO Digital

“I am my own best friend” – Barf the mawg in Spaceballs

Here I have listed the best work I’ve done lately. Go ME!

I particularly enjoyed working on Korkee Geo-game. It is completely different from other projects and I had complete control over it.

coloVR is my own project that I’ve been working on when not busy. I recently made huge amends to it and I am very proud of how it turned out.

Probably most enjoyable work is designing logos but these drop on my desk too infrequently.

I use stickyCrumb on most of my builds as it really makes whole browsing experience better.


CityShoppari is Finland’s most popular benefit card giving customers access to over a thousand offers and discounts from restaurants, shops and services.
Discover Helsinki is an English-language publication and an app directed at tourists and domestic travellers visiting Helsinki.


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